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Mosab Marine &
Engineering Services Limited

The industry is driven by opportunity, technology and by an increasingly competitive marketplace; these attributes transforms over and over again. To succeed in such an environment, you need to evolve faster, become leaner, fitter, smarter, and more sustainable than anyone else. Mosab is your partner to sustainability and market leader:

Mosab Marine & Engineering Services Limited
Mosab Marine & Engineering Services Limited

Mosab was incorporated in Nigeria in 2007 as an engineering, marine and environmental service provider. Mosab is positioned to lead in the onshore, offshore and mining industry in providing solutions to fundamental issues of engineering safety, environmental management, waste management, facility surveillance monitoring systems for safety and security protection etc. These are areas for which there is no margin of error and no room for doubt.

Mosab provide technical expertise and experience encompassing all project phases ranging from investigation, feasibility studies and concept design to final design. We understand the client need and we continually seek innovative ways to address problems and to develop “real world” solutions in a timely manner that achieve compliance, improve operations, minimize liability, maintain schedules and reduce cost. Our goal is to form a working partnership with clients to develop integrated, cost effective solutions that meet and exceed client requirement and expectations